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The Joker is the entry-level model from moll kids. It has all the typical moll attributes right from the start and can be adjusted in height and at an angle. In addition, it has colorful stripes that make the table individually designable. The practical pen tray is already included in the basic equipment.

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How studying feels better: the Joker concept

Reducing something to the essential is often harder than you think. The Joker has everything a child’s desk needs. It is tiltable, height adjustable and has highlight colors. The trump card in every child’s room.

Moll mollFunktion2020FprimeJokerweb 1

The ace up the sleeve: Six highlight colors included

The gamechanger: even if favorite colors change, the joker is far from out of the game. With six different highlight colors for the side panel fronts.

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Carefree all around

One concern less: The safety of children is particularly important to us. With its rounded corners, the Joker is designed to ensure the safety of its users. No worries: All moll desks are GS tested and TÜV certified.

Moll Tuev USP gepruefte sicherheit

Suitable for body sizes from 119cm to 191cm

Exactly adjustable to the body height: The Classic height adjustment with 10 steps and approved hook fitting allows an adjustment range from 53 to 82 cm.

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Tiltable without superhuman strength

The desktop of the joker is very easy to operate, even for children. How is that possible? The super power of the spring-supported six-stage detent adjustment. If the desktop is tilted, the spring force pushes upwards. When lowering, the spring force slows down.

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All inclusive with Prime: exclusive accessories

These include the practical bag hook, the transparent bookend and a anti-slip device: this way, books and co. always stay in place when the desktop is tilted.

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This is custom heading element

We would rather sell you a new furniture to last forever than keep selling you new furniture forever. For maximum enjoyment of the product: 5-year quality guarantee, 5-year availability guarantee, GS-certified, Blue Angel-certified and AGR-tested.

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Entering the Prime World

the Joker at a glance

Highlight colors

Highlight colors

  • 6 accent colors included


  • melamine resin coated
  • high resistance to abrasion & scratching
  • Carb 2 wood-based panel
  • Panel thickness: 19mm


  • German Design Award
  • Blue Angel
  • AGR “Aktion Gesunder Rücken”
  • GS certified / TÜV approved
Spring supported tilting

Spring supported tilting

  • spring-supported tilting
  • can be tilted up to 16°
  • 6 steps for ergonomic working
Classic height adjustment

Classic height adjustment

  • 10-step hook fitting
  • adjustable from 53-cm to 82cm
  • for body sizes from 119cm – 191cm
Base frame

Base frame

  • with integrated adjustment mechanism
  • integrated rollers for easy movement
  • Powder-coated surface


  • Drawer
  • Side-Top
accessories included

accessories included

  • Pencil tray
  • 8 color stripes
  • Magnetic ruler
  • Design book holder
  • Hook for bags
  • Assembly tool


für echte moll-Qualität

  • 5-year warranty of quality
  • 5-year guaranteed availability
  • Made in Germany
  • easy assembling
Weight 34.4 kg
Dimensions 117 × 68 × 53-82 cm



with drawer, without drawer

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