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XXL mobile container for maximum storage space at the workplace

In the course of school time, a lot of things accumulate: books, binders, pads and pencils. The Cubicmax offers storage space with an adjustable shelf unit. The height of the individual shelves can be varied as desired using a simple plug-in system.

Moll moll Funktion 2020 P prime Cubicmax 1 e1619688561500

Eight highlight colors included

Stimulates creativity and ingenuity: the 8 interchangeable accent colors included in the scope of delivery. And the best thing about it: children can choose and redesign a new color at any time.

Moll moll Funktion 2020 P prime Champion Farbstreifen 3

Better safe than sorry: drawers with self-closing mechanism

To prevent little fingers from getting trapped, the drawers close gently and with brakes.

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Big flap - much behind

Three drawers, each twice the size of A4 or once A3 and a lockable compartment drawer. Another highlight: The secret box within the Cubicmax. Of course we will not reveal where that is.

Moll moll Funktion 2020 P prime Cubicmax Schubladen 1 e1619688551549

moll promise of quality

We would rather sell you a new furniture to last forever than keep selling you new furniture forever. For maximum product enjoyment: 5-year quality guarantee, 5-year availability guarantee and 100% moll.

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Outstanding – in all subjects

the Cubicmax at a glance

Highlight colors

Highlight colors

  • 8 highlight colors included
Drawers and storage space

Drawers and storage space

  • 3 drawers with partition
  • 1 compartment drawer with secret box
  • Self-closing mechanism
  • Lockable compartment drawer
  • Shelf top with two shelves


  • 5-year warranty of quality
  • 5-year guaranteed availability
  • Made in Germany
  • easy assembling




decor color



to 75kg

T6 Drawers

4 Drawer

Seat Pad


secret compartment

Yes, in the top drawer

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