moll Ergonomic “Sitting” Study Desks

All our ergonomic height-adjustable study desks have been designed to offer the perfect fit, no matter whether used by a preschool kid, or a 1.9m tall adult. From the entry-level Sprinter and Bandit, through to our top of the range Champion, our desks offer a wide variety of accessories and expansion opportunities. This means that they can be adapted as your child grows, or your own needs change.

Have a look at our Guide to Children’s Ergonomic Furniture to find out more about what to consider when selecting the right desk for your child.

moll Ergonomic Desks and Standing Desks for Adults

Our adult sit-stand desks range from the versatile and modern T1 to the T7 Exclusive, an award-winning design master piece. Whether you are looking for a solution for your home study or office, our products are ideal, marrying exclusive design with ergonomic perfection.

moll ergonomic study and office desks
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