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A desk light with an integrated night light

The button on the lamp head is not only an on/off switch, but a self-luminous night light. It changes its colour at the touch of the button. The perfect orientation in a dark room, no matter whether it is used as a kids light, or as a fancy desk lamp.

moll Funktion 2020 F Flexlight Nachtlicht 1 e1619688515855

Light creates atmosphere. You decide which.

Studying at  twilight requires different light to late-night study sessions. Using a sensor button, the light can be dimmed flicker-free and continuously from 100% to 5%. Brightens the mood: The LED light is particularly energy-saving.

moll Funktion 2020 F Flexlight Dimmfunktion 1 e1619688536612

The High-Light at the desk: the clamping foot

The clamping foot holds the moll Flexlight securely to the desk without taking up much space, even on a tilted desktop (for desktop thicknesses from 13 to 23 mm). The positioning is fully flexible: left and right-handed people always write without shadows.

moll Funktion 2020 F Flexlight Klemmfuss 1 e1619688525895

Sophisticated: the USB charging station

PC, mobile, light or Smartwatch – often there are not enough sockets available at the desk. A USB charging station is an integral desk accessories. That’s why we have included USB ports for two electronic devices into the base of the design desk light.

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A desk light with an exclusive design

moll’s Flexlight at a glance

Night light

Night light

  • Night light function in McAdam ellipse
  • Can be switched on and off
  • Changes the colour by pressing the button
Clamp foot

Clamp foot

  • Adjustable from 13-23mm
Dimming function

Dimming function

  • Sensor button in the light head
  • Flicker-free
  • Stepless dimming from 100% – 5%
USB charging port

USB charging port

  • Integrated into the power supply
  • 2 USB charging ports
Luminaire head

Luminaire head

  • 15 x 5 x 1,6 cm
  • 40 LEDs energy efficiency class A to A++
  • Sensor button with dimming function
  • Power button with night light
LED illuminant

LED illuminant

  • Light color warm white
  • LED lifetime 25.000h
  • Color temperature 3.500 K
  • nominal luminous flux 690 lm
Power supply

Power supply

  • 5V, direct current
  • 220-240V, max 2A/5V
  • Electrical power factor 0,57
  • Lamp luminous flux maintenance > 0.8 at 6,000h


  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 5-year guaranteed availability
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy assembly





Luminaire base

clamping base (14-25mm table top thickness)

Night light Funktion


TÜV checked

GS seal of approval certified, TÜV Rheinland approved

USB Charger

yes, 2 USB Ports


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