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moll’s desk accessories are part of our strategy to create “islands of well-being” in your kid’s room, your study and office. All our items are carefully designed to provide longevity, ideal utility and attractive design. 

We offer a wide range of useful tools like adaptable desk lights, rulers, desk integrated Qi-phone chargers, fashionable containers, book holders, and blotting pads. Please note that certain accessories are included with our desks, so check the product description before ordering!

moll Desk Lights

Our lights are designed to ensure ultimate comfort at your desk. Our lights can be clipped to the desk to ensure compatibility with our tilting desk surfaces and height adjustment mechanisms. Flexible goose necks, dimmable lights, energy efficient LEDs, and LED charging points make our lights unique all-rounders through best-in-class design. Have a look at our children’s desk lighting guide.

moll Desk Accessories

Our book holders are ideal for adults and children. They can be clamped to a desk – or taken to your office or to school as free-standing units. Create order and structure on the desk with the cable butler and our Orga sets.

It’s the little things that make the overall look of a desk unique. The writing pads four different designs are not only an eye-catcher, but also protect the tabletop. Of course, our universal children’s desk accessories fit any desk.

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