What features should ergonomic kids’ desks & chairs have?

For more details, have a look at our Product Guide to Kids’ Ergonomic Furniture.



Height-adjustable desks and chairs are essential for a healthy posture and back position – for adults, this includes a standing desk setting.



As a child grows, space requirements change – your setup should allow for desk depth & width, drawer space and shelving to change as needs change.



Posture matters: any occupational therapist advise that desks should tilt at different angles for reading, writing, studying, drawing, or doing crafts.



Your child is unique – desk and chair should be made to match your child’s tastes and room setup, not the other way around!

Our Best Sellers


“My daughter got her Moll Maximo chair since preschool and is now in 11th grade. Nobody could possibly imagine it’s already 12 years old!”


“Moll desks are a true investment: they grow as your children grow. We will be buying a third desk the moment our 3-year-old is ready.”


“The Maximo chair is really well built and absolutely topple-proof. It was worth every cent. A brilliant product by a German manufacturer.”


“As always, Moll offers the best quality! Easy assembly, highly customizable, and brilliant quality.”

See it in action: Moll’s Champion Desk

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    The Moll Quality Guarantee

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    5-Year Product

    Moll offers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty products on all products.

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    5-Year Purchase Guarantee

    Moll offers a 5-years availability guarantee on accessories.

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    Made in

    All Moll products are developed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standard.

    Moll GS


    All Moll products carry the GS mark, a seal recognised the world over for proven safety, and have been tested by TUV Rheinland.

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    Easy to

    Moll products are easy to assemble, requiring only a single Allen key as tool (supplied) and no technical skills.

    Responsible for the moll quality: Martin Moll.

    Moll is the story of a small, family-run joinery that grew to become a global success over the course of three generations. From its origins in Gruibingen, a small village in the Swabian Alb, it now supplies over fifty countries, and is represented in SA by ErgoKonzept, trading as Moll South Africa.
    Our modern, high-quality, leon bet, height-adjustable ergonomic desks, swivel chairs and filing systems are full of details and clever ideas, built over generations.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship, our cutting-edge design, and our continued innovation. We commit to a no-fuss, five year manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.

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