moll ergonomic chairs for children and adults

Moll Ergonomic Chairs: Children’s Swivel Chairs

Our intelligent ergonomic chair design ensures that your children have the ideal study chair from preschool through matric (and uni). Moll’s chairs are fully height-adjustable, and given their cleverly devised setup, provide ideal ergonomic support throughout. Have a look at our guide on suitable chair selection.

All our seat covers can be washed – and if need by, replaced by covers in other colours. This is particular attractive given the patterns of our fabrics for smaller children, which make our study desks islands of fun and excitement.

Castors of our chairs can easily be replaced with gliders, offered as a separate accessory.

Moll Orthopaedic Adult Chairs for Office and Home Office

No matter whether you are looking to make a design statement with our fancy S9 chair, or whether you are looking for a more functional design of our S6 – all our chairs provide ideal ergonomic support for improved back health.

If you are on the look-out for an ergonomic office chair, you’ll find that our chairs don’t have armrests or lower back cushions. This is by design, to best support a correct setup for healthy desk work.

Ergonomic Chairs South Africa

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