moll’s Drawer Units


We have just the right matching drawer units for each of our product ranges. Units are lockable, designed to fit A3 sheets, and come with castors. The are designed to complement or range of desks with drawers, maximising easily accessible storage space.

We offer colour and material options to match our range of chairs and desks. Where applicable, accent colours can even be easily changed post-purchase.

The units are designed for ultimate safety, and drawers close gently with specially designed brake systems.

What makes our storage units particularly unique are our specially-fitted cushions, converting the units into secondary seating options – ideal for children’s rooms. Cushions are available in a wide range of premium fabric, colours and designs.

With moll’s lineup of study furniture, you can maximise your workspace in a stylish way: combine our desk drawers and drawer units with our desks with shelves, and you’ll have all the desk space in the world!

moll's Drawer units provide well designed expansion to the moll ergonomic desks

moll Drawer and Storage Units

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