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In A Nutshell: C6

The C6 is more than just storage furniture. It is a designer drawer unit that can double up as an additional seat, with exceptional design features. It offers decorative colours with soft-touch surface, aluminum corner profiles, three handleless drawers, and double castors with a locking brake.

Moll C6 Weiss AluNatur DekorEiche 1

Perfect integration

We always ensure that our pieces form part of a full “ensemble” solution, complimenting our desks and chairs, to provide a perfect design and functional offering. The C6 mobile pedestal shows just how well designed even “simple storage” can be.

Moll C6 Schwarz AluSchwarz DekorWeiss 1

Stylish solid drawer boxes

The C6 drawer cases are made of milled, profiled MDF with cover foil. Drawer box bases are made of 3 mm MDF, lacquered. Decor surface in black and white, fronts in 6 different variants.

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Take a seat

With the optional support pad, your C6 becomes an elegant seating addition when required. Designed to carry up to 100kg.