moll S9 – the ultimate designer desk chair

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The moll S9 is an invitation to move; an enticement to rethink sitting. It puts an end to all conventions. It is the chair for every body size and for every seating idea. In return, it can be ideally adapted to the person and offers an infinite number of possibilities to be possessed. Whether from the front, back or side – the moll S9 expands the horizon and keeps the body in motion with its movable seat.

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From small to large for many years

The moll S9 desk chair provides the perfect fit for every body – for children and adult, women and men, small and big builds. This is made possible by variable adjustment of the seat height and seat depth in two height and depth ranges.

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Height adjustment of the seat: stepless

The seat height is set steplessly via a gas spring. Thus the moll S9 is suitable for body sizes from 100 to 200 cm. The seat height is adjustable from 34 cm to 57 cm. The seat depth from 32 cm to 45 cm.

Vorlage USP S9 Hoehenverstellung

Design language that sounds so beautiful

The design of the moll S9 is entirely unique. It integrates into its environment, but can also have a solo effect by setting a strong visual accent. The moll S9 was conceived and developed in the moll Design Center to be used as home office chair and office chair.

Vorlage USP S9 Formsprache

Healthy seating requires motion

The moll S9 consciously avoids everything that would restrict a natural posture to make it the perfect ergonomic chair and help alleviate lower back pain. It has neither an armrest nor lordosis supports. Its compact design supports the possibility of taking the chair in any seating position.

Vorlage USP S9 Draufsicht

63 designs and mine

The easy-care coverings for seat and backrest are each available in eight fresh colors. Ranging from decent beige or dark brown to light and dark blue and up to the strong colors lemon, orange and pink.

moll ergonomic chairs for children and adults

Multi-zone seat cushion

The multi-zone seat cushion contains areas with different degrees of hardness. Depending on the position of the seat on the seat base, it provides the optimum counterpressure for people of small or large body size.

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Keep on moving

The rocking backrest follows the body, invites you to lean back, whilst providing suitable support. The movable seat ensures the correct angle of the seat. As a result, the seat changes its position from 4° backwards to about 7° forwards. Of course, it also operates as a swivel chair.

Vorlage USP S9 Ruecken

moll promise of quality

We would rather sell you a new furniture to last forever than keep selling you new furniture forever. For maximum product enjoyment: 5-year quality guarantee, 5-year availability guarantee and 100% moll.

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Storage included

In the compartment under the seat you will find the installation keys for the assembly and the operating instructions. And other small things also find their safe place here.

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Outstanding – in all aspects

moll’s Award-winning desk chair at a glance

Highlight colors

Highlight colors

  • 8 colors of back elements
  • 8 colors of seat elements
  • to combine as desired
  • 64 variations


  • Seat depth: 32 to 45 cm
  • Seat height: 34 to 57 cm
  • Backrest height: 39 to 49 cm
  • Capable of carrying up to 100kg
Foot base

Foot base

  • White
  • five-arm foot base
Seat angle

Seat angle

  • 4° backwards
  • 7° forward
  • maximum 5° to the side
Design castors

Design castors

  • adjustable automatic brakes
  • suitable for hard and soft floor coverings


  • German Design Award
  • GS certified / TÜV approved


  • 5-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 5-year Guaranteed Availability
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy assembly
Weight22.5 kg
Dimensions65 × 65 × 96 cm

adjustable in height, adjustable in the seat depth

Back element

beige, dark blue, dark brown, lemon, light blue, orange, pink, red



Chair height

37cm – 57cm

Frame color





to 100kg

seat element

Beige, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Lemon, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Red

secret compartment

Yes, under the seat

TÜV checked

GS seal of approval certified, TÜV Rheinland approved



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