The moll T5 Sit-Stand Desk

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The complete sit-stand desk: sophisticated, versatile, ergonomic

moll designed the T5 standing desk by conceptualising it from a user’s point of view.  Constant movement and changes in body position are essential to providing relief to the body when working at a desk. This principle sits at the core of the T5’s design, which provides for easy heigh-adjustment, extensive versatility, and attractive design.

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Get in touch: the exclusive T5 surface

The coating of the surface gives the moll T5 a soft, velvety feel. The extremely matt Nanotech material features super low light reflection and high resistance to scratches and abrasion. It provides a pleasantly warm appearance, whilst offering a tough finish to ensure many years of use.

Designschreibtisch hoehenverstellbar moll T5 Plattenmaterial

Tall, small, mine

Body size, strength, movement patterns: every person has individual characteristics and ways of working. With the express height adjustment, the moll T5 can be adjusted from sitting position to the correct standing desk height with just one movement, without physical effort and without wasting time, perfectly synchronized with your natural body movement. It can move from the lowest to the highest level in just 0.8 seconds, faster than any electric standing desk.

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Perfect in form

The design of the T5 combines ergonomics, function and minimalist shapes. This allows the moll T5 height-adjustable standing desk to adapt to any way of working, intuitively supports body-friendly use, and promotes dynamic standing and sitting. It also makes it perfectly compatible in design with moll’s S6 ergonomic chair.

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Carefree all around

One less thing to worry: when safety and design are combined, it’s characteristically moll. Such as the rounded corners of the desk top. Does not only look beautiful, but is also very safe. No worries: All moll desks are GS tested and TÜV certified.

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Safe even in oblique situations

There are different angles for different tasks: The desktop of the moll T5 can be set at an angle, promoting a healthy and upright posture.

Designschreibtisch hoehenverstellbar moll T5 Fenix E1 Schraegstellung Bedienknoepfe

Simply up simply down

Working in an ergonomically correct manner means regularly alternating between sitting and standing at the work desk. The express height adjustment enables a suitable posture for any work situation, and the easy adjustment-mechanism probably makes the T5 the best standing desk in South Africa.

Vorlage USP T5 Expressverstellung Einstellung

Multi Dimensional

Changing work or life circumstances mean changing space requirements. It’s good when the desk can be expanded. Think upwards or in width.

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Farewell to tangled cables

Hi tidiness: multisockets and cables have their own space in the cable duct. Hello safety: Since cables which are left lying around are no longer tripping hazards.

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All inclusive with Prime: exclusive accessories

The T5 is designed for daily use. Therefore the T5 standing desk includes a free design book holder, design ruler and bag hook.

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Quality Made in Germany

We would rather sell you a new furniture to last forever than keep selling you new furniture forever. We offer a 5-year quality manufacturer’s guarantee, a 5-year availability guarantee on expansion modules, GS-certification, Blue Angel-certification, and the AGR (German Healthy Back Association) seal of approval.

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Outstanding – in all aspects

The T5 ergonomic standing desk at a glance

Highlight colors

Highlight colors

  • 8 highlight colours included
  • changeable highlight colours for the yoyo
  • changeable highlight colour stripes for the feet


  • Red Dot Design Award
  • German Design Award
  • Blue Angel
  • AGR “Healthy back campaign”
  • GS certified / TÜV approved


  • melamine resin coated
  • high resistance to abrasion & scratching
  • Carb 2 wood-based panel
  • Panel thickness: 19mm

Stepless tilting

von 0°-20° in 13 Zügen

  • patented rope pull tilting system
  • tiltable up to 20° for the perfect ergonomy desk experience
  • integrated anti-trap guard
  • with self protection system
Comfort Height-Adjustment

Comfort Height-Adjustment

  • Stepless height adjustment standing desk
  • Adjustable from 53-82cm
  • For a body height from 119cm-191cm
  • Mountable on the right and left side
  • Can be dismantled if necessary
Base frame

Base frame

  • With integrated adjustment mechanism
  • Integrated rollers for easy movement
  • Powder-coated surface
Side Panels

Side Panels

  • Available in 8 different colours
  • matching the highlight colours
  • UV curing water-based coatings
  • Solid wood panel made of oak and walnut
  • Retrospectively exchangeable


  • Drawer
  • QI-Charger
  • Drawer & cable duct cover
  • Side-Top
  • Flex-Deck
  • Multi-Deck
  • mobile container Cubic & Cubicmax
  • Panel
accessories included

accessories included

  • 16 colour caps / 8 colours
  • 8 colour stripes
  • Magnetic ruler
  • Design book holder
  • Hook for bags
  • Assembly tool


  • 5-year quality warranty
  • 5-year guaranteed availability on expansion modules
  • Made in Germany
  • Shipped fully assembled
moll test






Desk dimension(WxD)

90cm x 72cm

Desk drawer


Desk height


divided table top

Yes, front up

Flex Deck


height adapter


Height adjustment

Express (stepless quick adjustment)

Magnetic Ruler






setting dimension (WxD)

91cm x 72cm



TÜV checked

GS seal of approval certified, TÜV Rheinland approved

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