moll Tower 56

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One piece of furniture, endless possibilities

Who said that storage furniture is simple and boring? We say storage furniture is universal, versatile and up to date.

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For universal use

Whether it’s a child’s room or a storage chamber. Whether it’s a cuddly toy or a snapback cap. The Tower adapts to living environments but also users. The rotating shelf is designed for a maximum load of 50 kg. The individual shelves can be loaded with up to 2 kg.

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For versatile use

The tower impresses with individual divisions of the compartments. Due to the modular design, the tower can be customized step-by-step as the need for storage space increases. The Tower 56 Add-on and the shelf set allow to respond to all requirements.

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Saves at the right place: the requirement of space

Reduced size of living spaces is no longer just a problem of metropolitan housing. Therotating function significantly reduces the required space compared to conventional shelving. The space requirement: 56 cm on each side and 79 cm diagonal.

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moll promise of quality

We would rather sell you a new furniture to last forever than keep selling you new furniture forever. For maximum product enjoyment: 5-year quality guarantee, 5-year availability guarantee and 100% moll.

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Round and carefree

The moll Tower rotates with the silent turntable system. To avoid the risk of crushing, the base has been fitted with a soft anti-crush strip. The rotating function makes it easy to reach every rack in the shelf.

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One like no other

the moll Tower 56 at a glance

Load capacity

Load capacity

  • up to 50 kg


  • Melamine coated wood based panel


  • 56 cm x 56 cm
  • Height without Add-on: 66.15cm
  • Height with Add-on: 124,75 cm


  • White


  • 5-year warranty of quality
  • 5-year guaranteed availability
  • Made in Germany
  • easy assembling

base module, base module + add on

Shelf set

with shelf set, without shelf set

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