moll Champion Flex Deck

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The moll Champion Flex Deck offers a lot of storage space due to the shelf attachment and the magnetic whiteboard and creates space for books and notes. It keeps the desk tidy with its two shelves. It is simply hooked directly to the base via two supports. Two shelves and the magnetic board allow books and notes to be stored neatly. Shelves and sufficient storage space are one of the must-haves to be able to learn and work in a structured way. The two shelves are equipped with corner brackets and barriers. This protects the books from falling down. The magnetic board is already included and is provided with a high-quality coating. This allows the board to also be used as a whiteboard and to be written on both sides. To be able to pin notes as well, the whiteboard of the Flex Deck is magnetic from both sides.

Dimensions: 120x30x68 cm (90x30x68cm compact)


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Table model

Flex Deck Champion (Left Up, Right Up, Front Up), Flex Deck Champion Compact


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